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Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

① Purpose of CollectionㆍUse of Personal Information

ㆍClinical trials volunteer registration

ㆍProvision of various event newsletters issued by the clinical trials center, and information about medical treatment and clinical research

② Duration of PossessionㆍUse of Personal Information

We can possess your personal information until we achieve the purpose of collectionㆍuse of information

③ Collected items for personal information

ㆍInformation needed for research participation including the name, birth date, gender, nationality, registration channel, email, messenger ID, telephone number, address, preferred contact method and the reason of dropping out

ㆍYour sensitive information collected for the same purposes as above is as follows:

    - body data (height, weight)

    - body data (height, weight)

ㆍItems recorded in the volunteer field of website, which has been written when volunteering

④ Right to refuse collectionㆍuse of personal information

Subjects or their representatives of the study have rights to refuse collection of personal information. However, when rejecting the collection, they may not be able to participate in the clinical trials.

2. Handling and holding period of personal information

The Clinical Trials Center of Seoul National University Hospital handles and holds the personal information within a certain period specified in ‘Duration of CollectionㆍUse of Personal Information’ according to relevant laws or the written content received from information subjects when collecting personal information.

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