SNUH CTC Subject Recruitment Team: 82+2+741+4221 (Weekdays, 9am-6pm)

  • Screening by phone call

    When you apply to be a volunteer for the clinical trials through the homepage or phone call, you will talk to the volunteer call center. The volunteer call center is available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Monday through Friday. Personnel in charge of phone call screening will tell you whether you are basically qualified for the study, and ask questions about medical history including medication. We will request for you to answer them honestly. It is an essential factor for you to participate in the clinical trial safely.

  • Appointments for screening

    If you conclude the phone call screening, you will make a screening appointment. Prior to the screening, you are usually asked to be fasting for 10 hours or more. You need to visit the center on time with your ID card. If you cannot visit at the appointed time, you may get disadvantage to get the opportunity to participate in the futhur study. Thus, you should contact us to cancel the appointment at least a day ahead of it.

    Prior to screening, general information which you must be well informed is as follows:

    - Enough rest and sleep
    We tend to recommand to have enough sleep before the day of screening, in order to prevent extra visit for screening, since it is likely to be eliminated easily if you did not.

    - Limitation of excessive exercise and drinking alcohol
    We tend to limit the amount of exercise and alcohol within 3days before day of screening, in order to prevent extra visit for screening. Since it is likely to be eliminated easily if you did.

    - Restriction of taking foods containing caffeine
    After you take caffeine, it acts on the central nervous system and it affects the vital signs such as blood pressure and pulse. Thus, it makes it difficult to accurately measure them. It is the reason why it is restricted.
    For example) coffee or foods containing chocolate, a variety of teas (coffee, caramel, cocoa, green tea, black tea - Lipton, Ceylon tea, Tejava tea, Nestea), soft drinks (coke, 7 up, diet coke, Mountain Dew), energy drinks (Bacchus, Jahwang, Glonsan, Wonbi- D, other herbal drinks containing Adonis amurensis and leaves of Thea sinensis)

    - Restriction of taking foods containing grapefruit
    As grapefruit acts on the drug metabolism, it makes it difficult to accurately measure it. Thus, it is restricted.
    For example) Fresh grapefruit, grapefruit ade, Pocari Sweat, Gatorade, Powerade and other ion drinks

  • Signing the informed consent form

    We will let you read the informed consent form before the screening is performed. The consent form includes very detailed information about the entire study. This document includes the purpose of study, dosage of drug, frequency and amount of drawing blood, adverse effects reported in relation to this drug and all procedures to be conducted in this study. It is very important to read the entire consent form in order to understand your role and potential risks in this study. Staffs will describe the study and answer the questions that you may have. We will ask you to sign the consent form in order to indicate that you read and understand this consent form.

  • Screening process

    Once you sign the informed consent form for the clinical trial, the next steps may vary in each study. In general, height, weight and vital signs (body temperature, blood pressure and pulse) are measured in the screening room. In the outpatient clinic, blood test, ECG test and urine test are conducted. After all tests are finished, you are back to the screening room and a physical exam is performed. After you are given the information which you should be well informed in relation to the hospitalization or outpatient visit, you can go back to your personal daily routine. Time for screening process may vary in each study. However it usually takes about 2 – 3 hours to describe information related to the study and sign the consent form.

  • Selected as volunteers

    After the screening is finished, a researcher reviews the results of various tests conducted in the screening. We will let you know whether you can participate in the study over the phone.

  • Hospitalization

    Even though the condition for hospitalization may vary in each study, you are usually hospitalized in the research ward which is located on the 3rd floor in the Seoul National University Hospital Biomedical Research Institute. Patient rooms can be used for 4 – 6 people with the same gender. After you arrive at the ward, the general guidance for hospitalization life is given. Once you go to the designated room and bed, you change into a patient gown. The bathroom in the research ward is equipped with shampoo, soap, toothpaste and body lotion. Since the common washing machine is in the laundry room, you can wash clothes with detergent. During hospitalization, you can store personal belongings in the locker. In addition, going outside, sleeping out, acquaintances visiting and eating snacks are prohibited.

  • First day

    Even though it may vary depends on the protocol of the study on the first day, most things will be performed on the first day. Since all research procedures are conducted on designated time, the most of the research members will be there to acquire accurate data and keep the schedule at the same time. The approximate schedules for the first day are as follows. You wake up at 7:50 am and a urine test is performed. From 8 am to the lunch time, blood is drawn along vital sign measuring. In addition, you will get physical examination and ECG test. You may eat the meal after 4 hours upon administration of the drug and you may drink water after 2 hours upon administration of the drug.

  • Administration of the drug

    As mentioned previously, the administration of the drug is given on the first day. Since nothing is more important than your safety, the investigator stays in the ward and continues to monitor your status on the day of administration of the drug. Thus, if you feel any small inconvenience when compared to that before administration of the drug, you will get help quickly from the research personnel.

  • Meal

    Except the case that requires fasting, you will be provided with a meal during the entire period of hospitalization. Since the type of meal or amount of meal may be assigned in some studies, you may not have meals as much as you desire. In addition, you may have meals only when it is assigned by the study.

  • Activity

    The Seoul National University Hospital Clinical Trials Center had been putting many efforts for your convenience. We help you to freely watch a TV by installing a TV in each bed. We provide you the entertainment which you can enjoy free time by playing a video game or a board game. In addition, lounge is equipped with comic books and various books. Since the research ward is equipped with 4 PCs, you can easily access to the internet. If you want to use a personal mobile devices rather than a common PC in the ward, please feel free to bring and use it.

  • Discharge procedure

    Once every research procedure is finished during the period of hospitalization, you can be discharged. It is difficult to schedule the discharge time, a volunteer is generally discharged at around 10 am after the breakfast.

  • Additional visits or phone call

    In some cases, you may need to visit the center again, due to re-examination. In this case, we may ask you to come again via phone call.

  • Compensation

    We will reward you for your effort and time as possible as it can be.
    Submit your photo copy of accout, and compensation will be deposited within max 21days from the end of study.

  • Friend Referral Program

    You can recommend clinical trials to friends or acquaintances. If your friends participate to study, Gift or compensation will given. Currently, we apply this program only to the recommandation of foreign friends (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) and the friend with obesity diseases (hypertension, diabetes, etc.) .If you have any questions about the program and eligibility, please contact SNUH CTC volunteer recruitment center.

  • Contact

    If you are interested in participating in the study, you can register your name as a volunteer on the volunteer recruitment website or click "Like" on the Facebook page for further information. (