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Participating clinical Trials

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Definition of volunteering Clinical Trials

Have you thought that you can help to develop the pharmaceutical products for diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease or atopic dermatitis? Seoul National University Hospital Clinical Trials Center is conducting the clinical trials with pharmaceuticals companies which are actively conducting the research in areas of pharmaceutical products for the clinical trials, medicine manufacture and biotechnology as partners in order to treat various diseases. Participation in the Seoul National University Hospital Clinical Trials Center’s research has the following meanings.

  • It is worthwhile to help to develop the treatments of patients suffering from chronic or severe diseases.
  • You can contribute to improve the society’s negative perception of the clinical trials.
  • You can get a comprehensive health screening service according to circumstances of test.
  • You will receive compensation as appreciation for faithfully participating in the clinical trial.
  • You will have the opportunity to make new acquaintances.
  • You can escape from the daily routine and take a break.

Since there are various studies from one day visit to draw the blood to one month hospitalization, you can participate in suitable study that fits your schedule. Please apply online or contact us via phone call.

Clinical Trials Center volunteer recruitment center : 02-741-4221