SNUH CTC Subject Recruitment Team: 82+2+741+4221 (Weekdays, 9am-6pm)


Seoul National University Hospital Clinical Trials had established on 1995 to promote advancement of clinical trials quality by providing best research environment allowing scientific and ethical clinical trials based on international standards, such as ICH, FDA guideline and KGCP. On 2004, the center was designated as the nation's 1st regional clinical trials center and the nation's 1st Global Center of Excellence in Early Clinical Trials (GREATS)

SNUH CTC is professionally operated according to its space and facilities that are equipped for various sectors such as oncology, pediatric, medical devices department. We also provides administrative support, basic researchers and facilities to carry out studies like bioequivalence testing, efficacy and safety evaluation of drugs-including new medication-and medical devices. Not only investigators of SNUH CTC, but also personnel with the right qualifications and conditions for the academic-industrial collaborative research can take advantage of SNUH CTC

Seoul National University Hospital Clinical Trials Center is accredited by AAHRPP, WHO FERCAP. These accreditation showes that the safety and the rights protection of research subjects is continuously maintained based on international standards. The active participation is recommanded to many individuals to ethical and scientific trials performed at SNUH CTC

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